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Hiya and welcome to my DeviantART corner, dear visitor!

For the sake of neatness, I'll keep it short here for once
(yes, I can do that... if I try hard enough). I'm a Sonic
fan and a lot of what I do is related to that, but I
occasionally draw other things, too. Found a liking for
painting digitally, so that's what you can mainly see in
my gallery, and what you can expect to be uploaded
once in a while. Like to take photos, too.

Aside of my sporadic pictures, I'm a writer and write a lot
more and a lot more frequently than I draw. I draw for fun
and relaxation, but I can pour myself into a sentence.

The bit of poetry I very occassionally do will most likely be
uploaded to my gallery. What I write the most however is
Sonic fanfiction, hopefully of decent quality. ;) If you want
to look into it and judge, the full collection of my Sonic
stories can be found at my FFN page.



Tagged :)

Tue Dec 23, 2014, 10:13 AM
Apparently, there's a game of tag, and I'm it. I should have watched my back better... :XD:

1.) You must post these rules
2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer 
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal
4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged.
5.) Not something stupid like 'you are tagged read this.'
6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people (the person tagging me didn't do this either, so I shall tag a few people and whoever else wants to do this can go and knock themselves out as well for all I care)
7.) No tag backs
8.) You can't say, no tags
9.) Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry.

I will now tag: :icondc111:, :iconchild-at-heart-4ev:, :iconexplodering:, :iconsonicandwarriorsfan1:, :iconmetal1784:

:iconnervouswreck96:'s questions
  1. What was the first Sonic game you played, and when?

                    Sonic Advance 3. Don't remember when exactly that was. Feels like a long time ago.

  1. What is your favorite Sonic game (or other type of Sonic media)?

                    Sonic Heroes. I can't even really say what I find in this mad game... :XD:

  1. What is your least favorite Sonic game (or other type of Sonic media)?

                    Sonic Underground. I dunno, I find it's pretty weird with the singing and all.

  1. Who is your favorite character, and why?

                    Sonic and Knuckles. I suppose it's kind of a tie between the two of them. I like Sonic's positive nature, his                                           free-spiritedness and his carefree attitude that reminds you to not take everything too serious. And I like Knuckles'                           devotion and sense of duty, and that he too hides a good heart under his sometimes grumpy face.

  1. Any pairings you support?

                    I am a casual Shadouge fan. I think they fit; I already thought so in SA2 when everyone else was shipping her with                           Knux.

  1. Have you ever written any Sonic fanfiction, even in private?

                    Not even in private. :XD: claims I have half a million words worth of Sonic fanfics archived. Half a freaking                     million. Yes.

  1. Aside from Sonic, what other types of games do you enjoy?

                    I play Audiosurf quite often. It's fun and relaxing to listen to your favorite music while collecting and/or dodging colorful                       blocks. And it's all so shiny...

  1. Have you ever felt like giving up - or actually given up - on Sonic at any point?


  1. What are your thoughts, if any, on the new Sonic Boom television series?

                    It's kind of like Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, just with better graphics and more characters. But I like it. It made                       me laugh after a bad day. And Knuckles has fingers. :D

  1. Have you ever eaten a chili dog for any reason?

                    I tried one bite, because.. well, Sonic. Not my thing, though. ;)

My questions

  1. What is the weirdest Sonic-related item you own?
  2. Any character you can't draw at all?
  3. Did you complete one or several Sonic games all the way? (Getting all A/S-ranks and all unlockables there are?)
  4. How do you interprete the following line from Amy Rose's theme song: "The sphinx looked so cute I had to shave it", with regard to Amy's character and her crush on Sonic?
  5. Ever planted a seed in the chao gardens and grew a tree from it? Would you do it again?
  6. Are there things you say because of Sonic? ("Way past cool", for example.)
  7. Mobius, Earth or something else?
  8. Do Sonic characters have toes in your headcanon?
  9. Why do you think Eggman wears two pairs of goggles, one over his eyes and one atop his head?
  10. How many hedgehogs can be seen in your room? (Counting plushies, pictures/posters on the walls, desktop wallpapers, game box covers that are in plain sight, figurines, etc.)

  • Mood: Humor
  • Listening to: Chiron Beta Prime, for the sake of the holidays
  • Reading: The Lord of the Rings
  • Drinking: Coke


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Hey, happy new year! How are things? :)
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I love reading your stories, and I like looking at all of the artwork your story inspired. Cool gallery.  :)
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Hey, Speedy, been a while. Hope you're doing fine.

Here's some cool news: I'm actually headed to Germany soon! From June 30th to July 17th to be exact, to visit my elder sister who's working in Berlin. I'll also head to Munich as well. Cool, huh? I look forward to the trip.

Again, hope things are good with you!
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:party: Happy birthday buddy! :party:

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